Dragon Figurine – DOIN NOTHIN

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Over the hills and through the trees lays a beautiful place called the Lowlands. Here many wondrous creatures live including one little dragon named Dweevy.

Dweevy lives with his Mama, Papa and sister Nama in the Lowland Forest, along with all the other dragons and mystical creatures.

“Doin’ Nothin’ – This big guy is named Ronsirr. He is a traveler and looks after all the other creatures of the Lowlands. It must be quiet there today, he is spending some time doin’ nothin’.

I originally created this artwork in colored pencil, my specialty.

After it was finished I was approached to collaborate and create the artwork into a 3D figurine.

I created several sketches of the front, back, and sides for reference and proceeded to sculpt “Doin Nothin” to get ready for mold making.

Once the mold was captured and poured in resin, then the new art was hand-painted.

The piece measures 6x4x5 inches overall.

I also designed the fun L. A. Berry gift box that comes with each piece. It’s ready to give as a gift, no gift wrap needed!

Since they are resin, they can even be placed outdoors.