Here are some videos of how my work was created. 
Some of the work was created using colored pencils, others were done digitally, but using similar techniques.


Vampurrs is a colored pencil artwork on paper, Measuring 11×9 inches. In It was inspired by one of my favorite MGM cartoons “Bats in the Belfrey” It took approximately 20 hours to complete over two weeks.

The Beverly Hillkitties

The Beverly Hillkitties is a colored pencil artwork on paper, Measuring 16×20 inches. In It was inspired by the 1960’s TV show “The Beverly Hillbillies”. This artwork too approximately 80 hours to complete and almost six months of character design.

Kitty Cola

Kitty Cola is a colored pencil artwork on paper, Measuring 16×25 inches. In It was inspired by a 1936 calendar showing a lady pilot with a wonderfully colored scarf.  The colors really called to me to use this calendar as my inspiration.

Holly Jolly Christmas

Starting with several sketches on paper, the final artwork was drawn in photoshop.  I used Photoshop similarly to how I draw with traditional materials, layering many levels of color and textures.  Don’t you just love this kitty’s smile?

Christmas Meowling

It’s really fun to create little groups where each purrsonality can shine. “Christmas Meowling” started as individual character sketches in pencil.  Those sketches were scanned to a digital file so the could be completed in photoshop.  

Bench Warmer

This kitty looked so content, sleeping on a park bench. I had to try bring him to life in a drawing. Colored pencil on Bristol board. Measures 11×14 inches. The original source material was in black and white, so it was fun to bring the warm colors in from my imagination.

Bangor and Skye

One of my customers reached out to me for a custom piece of her two cats. She sent several photos of each and when I I saw it in my minds eye,  I imagined them playing together is a flower filled field. All those little flowers were hand drawn from lots of different source materials to make a full field of balanced greens and golds.

Bangor Character

A customer who purchased my “Got My Grump On’ art in the past wanted a matching piece of her cat Bangor.  It is so much fun to create characters, especially when the cat is so beautiful!

Pawrates of the Catibbean

Sometimes it takes a few starts to get on the right track.  That’s how it went with Pawrates of the Catibbean.  

Wizard of Pawz

Follow the Yellow Brick Road with the  fun kitties.  Colored pencil in Bristol Board measures 20×24 inches.