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Learn more about me, L. A. Berry, and the whimsical world of cats and critters that I have created.  

See how my art is created from sketch to final piece. Different techniques including digital and traditional

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I am an artist, that much is true,
And my favorite subject is feline hue.

From tabbies to Siamese, I’ve drawn them all,
Their unique features and quirks, I love to recall.

Whiskers that twitch, and eyes that gleam,
I sketch them in detail, it feels like a dream.

As I sit and create, the hours pass by,
Lost in the world of cats, I can’t help but sigh.

Some may call me crazy, for drawing cats all day,
But it’s a passion of mine, that won’t go away.

I’ll keep on sketching, until the end of time,
For there’s nothing quite like capturing feline sublime.

So when you need a portrait of your little furry pal,
You know who to call, this cat artists gal.

For I am an artist, with a passion so true,
And my favorite subject will always be feline hue.


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