Art for Cat Lovers Featuring the Whimsical Art of L. A. Berry

Of course you need more cat stuff in your life! The big cat store has art, t-shirts, gifts, note cards and more!

Learn more about me, L. A. Berry, and the whimsical world of cats and critters that I have created.  

See how my art is created from sketch to final piece. Different techniques including digital and traditional

Whiskers, tails, and stoic stares,
Cat art captures feline flair.

From painted portraits to sculptures tall,
Their grace and beauty forever install.

In charcoal sketches or digital brush,
Every line and curve is a stroke of hush.

The hues and shades come alive in blend,
Their piercing eyes a source of fascination they lend.

Cats lounging on cushions, cats in bow-ties,
Every piece an expression of their feline pride.

The artist’s masterpieces are works of heart,
As they unveil the cats’ moods and art.

Whether in acrylics or watercolors lined,
Cats through artistic vision are forever refined.

Their cat art will never cease to amaze,
As cats continue to inspire with their endless grace.

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