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How it was made – Purrin Down the Highway

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  • November 7, 2018


Like most of my pieces I start with one main character and work out from there.  This piece was started on 11×14 Strathmore Bristol Board using Prismacolor Pencils.

Beginning the details on the motorcycle.  The point was to make it fun, not too realistic.

The bike is complete and now his girlfriend in her cute leather shorts.

Now some fun secondary characters.  They were reminding my of the ones from the western scene in the old Disney “America Sings” ride.  I can still sing the entire show by heart!

We have a stretch of highway!  A little more movement.  Some nice rocks and scrub.

A little more scrub to show some perspective and some beautiful mountains in the back.

This is the final piece with all of the background added in.  It was originally created for two of my favorite people, Barb and Tom.  It was great to get inspiration from them.

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