Portfolio | Big Cat Designs


Production of a figurine from artwork to final product.

This product was produced for Scaasis in New Jersey along with 23 other characters.

Final size was 6″ high


These show some of the sketches I made for product design in China.  I worked with Popular Creations for several years creating different types of gift products.

Below are some examples of finished designs to go on products.

The birds were design to go on a teapot.  The larger birds at the bottom and the smaller on the lid.

The dogs were created to go on a ceramic travel mug.

The cats were the tops for compact mirrors.


These images were created for Hoffman Fabrics.  I created several successful lines for them.  Two of the tops being my Wizard of Pawz characters and my Beach Cats.  My Halloween Cats sold out so quickly they had to make another run, something Hoffmans Fabrics rarely does.

Here are some other random images I have created for other companies.  I am well known for my cat art, but I also create other animals, fairies and even photo realistic artwork.

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